KIS AT HALCYON 2.0: Celebrating Creativity and Achievement :

Our talented students recently showcased their skills at the prestigious Inter-School Competition, HALCYON 2.0, hosted by Millennium School, Mohali. This event provided a remarkable platform for students to express their creativity and innovative thinking, and we’re thrilled to share their impressive results! Congratulations to Vaika, who earned 3rd place with her insightful presentation! Her achievement reflects the profound impact of literary characters on young minds, inspiring them to reach new heights.

🔹 Grade 1:
Theme: International Year of Camelids 
• Banreet Kaur
• Ajooni

🔹 Grade 2:
Theme: A Treasure I Own 
• Ananya

🔹 Grade 3:
Theme: A Character that Inspired Me the Most from Story Books 
• Vanshika
• Vivaan

🔹 Grade 4:
Theme: Turning Everyday Waste Material into Something New and Useful 
• Vihaan Suri
• Pihu

Participating in HALCYON 2.0 allowed our students to engage with diverse themes, encouraging them to think critically and creatively. These experiences are invaluable, fostering a sense of achievement and inspiring them to continue exploring their passions. We are incredibly proud of all our participants for their hard work, creativity, and dedication. Your efforts truly shine bright

Inter-House Snakes and Ladders Competition :

Kundan International School recently hosted a thrilling Inter-House Snakes and Ladders competition for students in Classes 3, 4, and 5. The event buzzed with excitement as young minds tackled the game’s challenges, displaying their strategic thinking and sportsmanship. House Ganga emerged triumphant, with their teamwork and determination leading them to a well-deserved victory. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding efforts and a special cheer for House Ganga.

Inter-House Snakes and Ladders Competition :

Congratulations to House Ganga for emerging victorious in the Inter-House Snakes and Ladders competition for classes 1 and 2 at Kundan International School! It was a thrilling event filled with laughter, strategy, and friendly competition as students rolled the dice and climbed to victory

Minhas Cup Tournament :

We are thrilled to announce that Sambhav Sharma, a talented student from class 7 at Kundan International School, has been awarded the Best Batsman of the prestigious Minhas Cup tournament! Sambhav’s exceptional batting skills, dedication, and passion for cricket shone brightly on the field throughout the competition. 

Junior Kho-Kho Finals :

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that the junior Kho-Kho finals held at Kundan International School today were an absolute success. Team Yamuna emerged victorious over Team Ganga, and we couldn’t be more proud to announce their well-deserved victory. Congratulations, champions

Eureka Science Quiz :

We’re delighted to share the exhilarating moments from this captivating event, where students in grades 9 to 12 showcased their scientific acumen, critical thinking skills, and unwavering passion for all things science. From diving into the mysteries of physics and chemistry to unravelling the complexities of biology and environmental science, our young participants embarked on an unforgettable journey of discovery and learning. Their infectious enthusiasm and intellectual prowess were truly a testament to the boundless possibilities of science and the remarkable potential of our students.

Inter-House Kabaddi Final :

We are thrilled to share the highlights of the Inter-House Kabaddi Final Round at Kundan International School. After an exhilarating showcase of talent and sportsmanship from our students in classes 9 to 12, we’re delighted to announce that the champions of the Kabaddi tournament are none other than Ganga House.

 Interhouse Kho-Kho Match :

Kundan International School had its highly anticipated Interhouse Kho-Kho match for girls of classes 9 to 12 and it was an event to remember. The girls showcased outstanding sportsmanship and team spirit, making the event a grand success.

Art Master Competition VB :

We are thrilled to announce that Class 5B of Kundan International School has made us proud by participating in the prelims round of the Kundan Art Master competition. Their creativity and artistic talent have left us in awe. The students poured their hearts and souls into their artworks, bringing to life vivid expressions and imaginative visions on the canvas. It was truly a sight to behold as each artwork showcased a unique and captivating perspective, reflecting the diverse talents of our young artists.

Art Master Competition :

We are thrilled to share some memorable moments from the recent event at Kundan International School. The atmosphere was filled with joy, excitement, and a great sense of community as our students showcased their incredible talent and creativity. From captivating art exhibitions and workshops to thrilling performances and competitions, there were so many enchanting moments that left us in awe. We witnessed our students’ passion, dedication, and the remarkable results of their hard work.

Eureka Quiz :

Kundan International School is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Science Preliminary Round for the Eureka Quiz, spanning Classes 6 to 12. Amid an atmosphere abuzz with excitement and intellectual fervour, our incredibly talented students demonstrated their scientific understanding, problem-solving abilities, and passion for discovery. The Quick Warp conducted today, on the 7th of May 2024, was a whirlwind of knowledge and enthusiasm, as participants delved deep into the realms of science, unravelling mysteries and embracing the challenge of the Eureka Quiz.

Inter House Semi-Final Kabbadi :

Kundan International School was buzzing with excitement as the Junior Wing hosted the Inter House Semi-Final Kabbadi Tournament. The atmosphere was electric, and the matches were nothing short of thrilling. The competition was fierce as the young athletes from the Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, and Kites houses showcased their agility, strength, and teamwork on the Kabbadi court. Each match was a testament to the dedication and determination of our students, leaving the audience in awe of their incredible skills.

Poetry Recitation Competition :

Kundan International School is overjoyed to present the mesmerising Poetry Recitation Competition on the occasion of Mother’s Day, featuring our wonderful Grade III and Grade IV students. Our young poets showcased their immense talent on stage as a testament to their artistic prowess and profound emotions. Their impeccable recitation and soul-stirring delivery left the audience spellbound, as they beautifully captured the essence of motherhood in their heartfelt verses.

Inter-Class Cricket Match :

Excitement filled the air as the young cricket enthusiasts from Class 4 and 5 took center stage in an exhilarating inter-class match. The field came alive with the sound of bat meeting ball, and the energy was contagious as these talented players showcased their skills with passion and determination. From breathtaking boundary hits to agile fielding, every moment was a testament to their growing love for the game.

Reading Competition :

Kundan International School hosted a captivating reading competition, embracing the spirit of this celebrated day. Students from all grades gathered to showcase their love for storytelling and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of literature. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as participants delved into a diverse range of literary works, bringing characters and stories to life with their expressive readings. Each student exuded passion, embodying the essence of the characters and captivating the audience with their heartfelt performances.

Prelims Round of SST Quiz:

Kundan International School is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the Prelims round of the Social Studies Quiz, which saw remarkable participation and enthusiasm from students ranging from Classes IV to X. Witnessing these young scholars delve into the realms of history, geography, civics, and economics was truly inspiring, demonstrating their dedication to learning and understanding the world around them.

 Celebrating Our Vibrant Heritage:

We are delighted to share the enchanting spectacle that unfolded on Saturday at Kundan International School with the Collage Making Competition organized for our brilliant students of Class VI-B on the theme “Incredible India.” Each collage was a testament to the students’ deep appreciation for India’s rich heritage, captivating landmarks, and fascinating cultural tapestry.

Benefits of Millets and Cereals Competition:

We are thrilled to share with you the incredible success of the PowerPoint Competition held at Kundan International School on the topic “Benefits of Millets and Cereals with boundless enthusiasm and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, our brilliant students participated wholeheartedly, showcasing their creativity and presenting thought-provoking PPTs.

English Calligraphy Competition:

Kundan International School witnessed a display of artistic finesse in the English Calligraphy Competition held for Classes I to V. The talented participants showcased their penmanship skills, creating visually appealing and creatively presented pieces. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants for their dedication and commendable efforts.

The Winners are as Follows:
Class I                             Class II                   Class III                           Class IV – A          Class IV – B                         Class V – A           Class V – B
1. Shanaya                      Chaincy                  Daiwik and Kamya         Roshni                  Ishani and Sambhavi         Anurag                   Ekaparnika Sharma
2. Shivaay                        Vanshika               Chinmay                           Vrinda                   Mehak                                  Kavya                     Nirvan Singh 
3. Sindne                          Vivek                      Vihaan                              Kultaran                Yash                                     Bhavik                    Pranee

Inter School Band Competition:

Our talented student, Mst Avi Narula, stole the show at the Inter School Band Competition held at Shemrock School, Mohali.

With his captivating voice that mesmerised the audience, Avi Narula was awarded as the “Finest Vocalist” of the competition. This remarkable achievement is a testament to his exceptional musical abilities.

Quiz on General Knowledge:

Kundan International School conducted an exhilarating General Knowledge Quiz where students from classes Vl to lX put their thinking caps on. The quiz was conducted in two rounds, leading up to an exciting inter-house final. After an intense battle of wits, Beas House emerged as the ultimate champion, showcasing their impressive knowledge.

Congratulations to all the participants who showcased their thirst for knowledge and displayed their impressive abilities.

Diwali Card-Making Competition:

Kundan International School sparks creativity with a Diwali Card-making competition in class III The school organised this delightful event to celebrate Diwali in a fun and artistic way. The students of class III showcased their talent and enthusiasm, making the competition a vibrant and joyous affair. The card-making activity allowed them to express their creativity and also helped them gain knowledge and develop their artistic skills.

Each student put forth their best efforts and showed an artistic approach in crafting their Diwali cards. The competition provided them with a platform to explore their imaginative abilities and express their love for the festival of lights. Witnessing the students’ enthusiasm was truly heartwarming, as they embraced the spirit of Diwali with great fervor.

Candle Decoration Competition :

Kundan International School organised a vibrant and delightful Candle Decoration Competition on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. The young and enthusiastic participants from grade 1 showcased their creativity and talent by adorning candles with beautiful designs, symbolising the illuminating spirit of the festival.

The tiny tots put in their utmost efforts to brighten up the lamps of joy, prosperity, and sweet smiles. Their creativity knew no bounds as they embraced the festival of lights with their innovative and artistic candle decorations. Their dedication and hard work were evident in their intricate designs and attention to detail.

Toran Making Competition :

Kundan International School recently conducted a Toran making competition for class Vll, providing a platform for students to showcase their creativity and talent. The competition aimed to foster an appreciation for traditional craft and promote the idea of sustainable living through the use of eco-friendly materials. Students showed their artistic best, as they worked their way to create beautiful and distinctive Torans, each with its unique style and design.

The competition saw participation from enthusiastic class Vll students who left no stones unturned to present their best Toran creations. The competition was an exciting and entertaining experience for all and was an excellent opportunity for young learners to showcase their artistry while appreciating the beauty and significance of traditional crafts.

Diya Decoration Competition :

Kundan International School recently organised an exciting Diya Decoration competition exclusively for the creative minds of Class VA. The event provided a platform for students to showcase their artistic talents and celebrate the festive spirit of Diwali through vibrant and imaginative diya designs.

During the competition, the students brought out their artistic flair and transformed plain clay diyas into stunning works of art. With a variety of materials such as paints, glitter, beads, and ribbons at their disposal, the students let their creativity soar as they carefully crafted intricate designs and patterns on the diyas. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and enthusiasm as the students eagerly displayed their diya creations, each one reflecting their unique style and artistic vision.

Inter-School Boxing Tournament :

Kundan International School stands proud as our young boxers shine at the Inter-School Boxing Tournament. Nishant and Arsh, students of Class VIII, have triumphed gloriously, winning the gold medal in this thrilling tournament held at Sports Complex, Sector 56, Mohali from 21st to 25th October 2023. Their exceptional skills, dedication, and sportsmanship have brought them well-deserved recognition.

Also Kartik from Class VI displayed remarkable talent and perseverance, securing the silver medal. We applaud their grit, determination, and exceptional performances. Congratulations to our boxing champions.

Poster-Making Competition :

Kundan International School recently organised a poster-making competition for Class VII students, centered around the poignant theme of “Save Girl Child.” The competition aimed to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and empowering girls in our society. The students showcased their artistic skills and creativity as they passionately expressed their thoughts through vibrant and meaningful posters.

The poster-making competition served as a platform for our students to amplify the message of gender equality and advocate for the rights of every girl child. Their artwork beautifully captured the essence of the topic, highlighting the need to challenge social norms and create a nurturing environment where girls can thrive.

Spell Bee Competition :

Kundan International School proudly hosted a thrilling Spell Bee Competition for the talented students of Class IV A. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the participants showcased their impressive spelling skills. We are thrilled to announce Kultaran Singh Tiwana as the deserving winner of the competition! Congratulations, Kultaran, on your achievement.

Salad Decoration Competition :

Kundan International School’s Grade l students recently participated in an engaging Salad Decoration Competition that aimed to inculcate healthy eating habits and raise awareness about making nutritious food choices.

The competition was a delightful blend of creativity and education, as the young participants showcased their artistic skills in decorating salads with a variety of colourful and nutritious ingredients. This competition was a resounding success, with the students displaying an impressive understanding of the importance of maintaining a balanced diet.

Intraclass Scientist Competition :

Kundan International School recently hosted an exciting intraclass Scientist Competition, where the students of class VI showcased their scientific prowess through captivating experiments. The enthusiasm and active participation of our students illuminated the classrooms, igniting their curiosity and awakening their inner scientists.

This competition allowed our young minds to engage in hands-on science experiments, making the learning process enjoyable and interactive. Beyond just gaining knowledge, the experience fostered teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It encouraged our students to explore, question, and embrace the wonders of the world around them, propelling them to become lifelong learners and passionate scientists.

Rakhi Making Competition | Class V and lX :

Kundan International School recently hosted an exciting Rakhi-making competition. The students of class V and lX poured their hearts into crafting stunning handmade Rakhi’s, showcasing their creativity and passion for art. From traditional designs to modern twists, each Rakhi was a masterpiece that celebrated the sacred bond between siblings.The atmosphere was filled with contagious excitement and joy as our young artists brought their unique ideas to life. The competition highlights the incredible celebration of the rich tradition of Raksha Bandhan. This competition was a true testament to the artistic brilliance and unity of our school community.

Rakhi Making Competition:

Kundan International School brought creativity and the sibling bond together in a fantastic Rakhi Making Competition. The school premises buzzed with excitement as our talented students put their artistic skills to the test, showcasing their ability to design and craft stunning Rakhi’s. From delicate beads to vibrant threads, the competition was a colourful extravaganza of creativity and innovation.
From intricate designs to innovative ideas, our students amazed us with their creativity. Each Rakhi was a unique masterpiece, a symbol of the special bond between siblings.

Slogan Writing Competition:

Step into the world of imagination and creativity as Kundan International School, in collaboration with CBSE, takes you on a captivating journey to honour the sacrifices of our courageous freedom fighters.

On a memorable morning, August 14, 2023, we proudly hosted an event – Mitti of the Motherland. This extraordinary celebration of Independence Day brought together the young minds of Class VII A and B, as they took part in a heart-stirring Slogan Writing Competition.

 Inter House English Quiz Competition- “The Verbal Voyage”:

Kundan International School embarked on an exhilarating English quiz filled with brain-teasing questions. The Inter House English Quiz Competition, known as “The Verbal Voyage,” conducted by the English Department for classes VI-IX, was a remarkable journey through the realm of language and words.

We were honoured to have Respected Director Sir Col Dr Rajesh Jasial and benevolent Principal Ma’am Mrs Yogesh Jadli as our esteemed guests for the day. Their presence added a touch of prestige to this grand event.

Our heartiest congratulations to the top contenders – BEAS HOUSE – for emerging as the victorious champions in this thrilling competition. Their exceptional command over English grammar, vocabulary and linguistic nuances truly left an everlasting impression on us. We are incredibly impressed by their mastery of the language.

Interschool Singing Competition:

We are thrilled to announce that our talented student, Mst Avi, has secured the first position in the Interschool Singing Competition held at Vivek High School, Chandigarh, among 16 schools. Avi’s mesmerizing performance left the judges and the audience spellbound, and we are extremely proud of his achievement🌟

We extend our heartiest congratulations to Avi and wishes him success in his future endeavors.

The Anglophonic Linguistic Virtuoso Competition:

Kundan International School is proud to announce the successful completion of “Anglophonic Linguistic Virtuoso,” a competition that brings together linguistic virtuosos from Grades I to XII, competing to showcase their exceptional command over the English language.

Grades IV and V students wowed everyone with outstanding performances on ‘Natural Calamities’ in an Extempore event. Exceptional written test performance helped choose the best students advancing to the final round held today, showcasing language skills and a passion for English.

The final round was highly challenging as students showcased their English fluency and ability to speak on different topics in the “Anglophonic Linguistic Virtuoso” competition. The competition tested and enhanced their communication and public speaking skills.

Catch a glimpse of the same!

Inter-House Environment Science Quiz:

We are thrilled to announce that Kundan International School hosted an exhilarating Interhouse Environmental Science Quiz for students of classes Vl, Vll, and Vlll. Congratulations to the incredible team Yamuna for their outstanding performance and for emerging as the winners of this exciting competition 👏

The quiz encompassed a variety of engaging and thought-provoking rounds, including the ever-entertaining dumb charades and the intriguing ‘Who am I?’ challenge. The students showcased their knowledge and quick thinking, making each round a thrill to witness. One of the unique aspects of the quiz was the passing on of unanswered questions to other participants, creating a dynamic environment where everyone was actively engaged and involved.

Science Quiz Competition:

The auditorium of Kundan International School was a buzz with excitement as the highly anticipated Science Quiz Competition unfolded. Each participant displayed their deep knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts, leaving the audience in awe and admiration.

Amongst the fierce competition, the Ravi House emerged as the victor with an outstanding and flawless score. We appreciate the efforts and sportsmanship of all participants, every student who took part in the competition was awarded a certificate of participation, recognising their valuable contribution. The winning team, Ravi House, shone brightly with their remarkable achievement, receiving a certificate of merit in addition to their well-earned victory.

Science and Technology Quiz:

Kundan International School’s Science and Technology Quiz for classes lV and V was an absolute blast, with the brightest young minds showing off their knowledge and expertise in the field. The quiz was conducted as an inter-house competition, where students from different houses came together to battle it out for the title of champions. After a tough competition, Yamuna House emerged as the winner, showcasing their skills and impressive knowledge in science and technology.

Inter-House Carrom Competition:

Our school witnessed an exciting and intense Interhouse Carrom Competition on 28th April 2023! It was a great opportunity for our students to showcase their skills and talent. We are thrilled to announce the winners of the competition.

Below are the Winners of the competition:

🥇 Purvansh of class lXth B from Beas House – Senior Group
🥈 Divyanshika of class lXth B from Yamuna House – Senior Group
🥇 Shivam of class Vlllth B from Ganga House – Middle Group
🥈 Ahana of class Vllth A from Ganga House – Middle Group
🥇 Manav of class lVth A from Ganga House – Junior Group
🥈 Kavya of class Vth A from Yamuna House – Junior Group

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding performance! We are proud of our students for displaying their sportsmanship and team spirit.

Inter-class Quiz Competition:

Igniting green consciousness🌱🌍
Kundan International organised a competitive yet fun-filled inter-house quiz competition on “Environmental Awareness” for the students of classes III to V and it was a huge success. Their quick wit and sharp minds proved that age is no barrier to knowledge. A big congratulations to all the participants who shared their ideas and educated us on the importance of preserving our planet.

Sur-tal Competition:

We are thrilled to announce that two of our talented students from Kundan International School, Mannat and Angel, have achieved Rank 4 amongst 16 teams in the U.T Sur-Taal Competition held at Vivek High School. Mannat and Angel’s performance was outstanding and they received high praise from the judges and the audience alike.

Catch a glimpse of the same!

Inter-Class Poster Making Competition:

Engaging our young Picasso’s in a burst of colours and inspiration, our Saturday activity took an artistic turn with the captivating Intra-class Poster Making Competition.
Witnessing an explosion of imagination, our students crafted powerful slogans and visually stunning posters that left us spellbound! From uplifting messages of unity to thought-provoking designs that challenge norms, this competition truly showcased the ingenious minds at Kundan International School.

Inter-Class Article writing competition:

We are extremely delighted to announce that the article writing competition on the topic ‘Population Explosion’ was held on 15 July 2023 for classes Vl A and Vl B. The competition was organised as a part of our continued efforts to bring out the writing talent in our students and to create awareness about the concerning issue of the population explosion.

English Master and Star Competition

In the realm of Kundan International School, English is not just a language, but a bridge that connects cultures. With this belief, we are absolutely thrilled to unveil something extraordinary – the “Anglophonic Linguistic Virtuoso” competition for our English Star (one from each Grade I-XII) and the “Empowering Minds Exemplary Geoffrey Chaucer” competition for our English Master (only one from grade X-XII).

Model United Nations (TSMUN) 2023

The SHEMROCK School Mohali Model United Nations (TSMUN) 2023 was held on May 20-21, 2023, with 14 schools from North India participating in the competition. The conference aimed to find solutions to global issues and promote cooperation, with committees discussing diverse topics such as human rights violations and children’s development. Winners were awarded accolades and merit-based awards, including Ms. Mannat Bhargava and Master Satyam Kaushik from our Kundan International School who won the “Special Verbal Mentions” award and the “Quick Quiz” prize.

Inter-house Quiz Competition | Grade III to V

Igniting green consciousness🌱🌍

Kundan International organised a competitive yet fun-filled inter-house quiz competition on “Environmental Awareness” for the students of classes III to V and it was a huge success. Their quick wit and sharp minds proved that age is no barrier to knowledge. A big congratulations to all the participants who shared their ideas and educated us on the importance of preserving our planet🌍

Inter-house Quiz Competition | Grade VI to X

Science sparks curiosity and curiosity fuels innovation!

Kundan International School Organised an Inter-house Science Quiz on Science Technology on May 20, where the brightest minds of our school witnessed the ultimate battle of brains. Exhibiting remarkable brilliance, the outstanding participants from Grades VI to X showcased their knowledge and wits, making the competition a true spectacle.

Maths Master- Senior Inter House Competition

“A math master makes math look easy and fun.”

Numbers were crunched, equations were solved and brains were put to the test at Kundan International School’s Maths Master – Senior Intra School Competition.

Our senior students put their Math skills to the test and participated in a fun and interactive competition that encouraged critical thinking, problem-solving and logical reasoning.

Maths Master- Junior Inter House Competition

The young math wizards were geared up for the ultimate math battle – the “Maths Master – Junior” intra school competition at Kundan International School!

The competition was fierce, the rounds were challenging and the participants were outstanding in their mental math skills.

“Chess: the ultimate test of brains and brawn.”

The Inter House Chess Tournament held on 9th May 2023. The winners of chess Tournament are mentioned below:

These competitions allow students to showcase their skills and compete against other players of similar or higher ability levels.

– Classes were divided into groups as follows:

Senior group


 Rnoit                        X                   1st                     Ravi House

Akshara                 IX B                  1st                     Yamuna  House

Middle Group


Yash Arjun           VIII A                   1st                      Ravi House

Bismeet                 VII B                   1st                      Yamuna House

Junior Group


Daksh                     IV B                       1ST                        Beas House

Mehak                     III                          1st                         Ganga House



The “Hubs” Craft Workshop for Teachers & Student Poster Making Competition was held on April 23rd, 2022

Our beloved students competed in the “Hubs” inter-school poster-making competition, while teachers participated in the “Hubs” art and craft workshop.

Kundan International School hosted a craft workshop for all cooperating school teachers as part of Hubs of Learning. The professional craft instructors presented a variety of craft techniques.

The workshop included teachers from the host school as well as faculty from P.M.L. SD Public School CHD, Ashiana Public School CHD, GMSSS 46D CHD, GHS 46C CHD, and GMSSS 49 CHD.

In addition, as part of the hubs activity, a poster-making competition was held at the school. A total of 40 students took part in the activity with zeal and presented their innovative ideas.

Mrs Yogesh Jadli, the Principal, praised the instructors’ efforts in portraying attractive artefacts.



“Art is a way of recognizing oneself.”

An Art competition was held on 4th May 2022, from classes 1 to XII to find KUNDAN ART STAR and KUNDAN ART MASTER in our school.

These competitions allow students to uncover their natural talents in sketching and illustrations and help them to develop their creative skills.

– Classes were divided into categories as follows:

– Category 1: Class 1 & 2
Topic: Freehand drawing of their choice.

– Category 2: Class 3 to 5, Topics
My dream garden.
Scene of a river.

– Category 3: Class 6 to 8
Garden/ lobby.
Waste Bottles painting.
Used Pots painting.
Birds in a nest.
Hanging items.
Used plate painting.
Old cup painting.

– Category 4: Class 9 to 12
Design and colour the topics
India of my dreams.
Creativity in presenting School name with logo.
Unity in diversity.
Pollution-free India
Tobacco-free India



Kundan International School hosted an inter-school art competition for students in grade 10.

There were 42 students who participated in the art competition, and they were all awarded merit and participation certificates.

The competition was a huge success and a great learning experience for the youngsters.



Kundan International School students took part in a poster competition on how plastic pollution damages biodiversity and a healthy earth at St Joseph School Sector 44 in Chandigarh.

Mr. Devendra Dalai, Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration, was the chief guest, and he addressed the audience, saying that we should promise to say no to single-use plastic in order for our planet to survive.

Prize distribution was also done, with our school receiving two awards in two categories. Aakash from class 7 received the Best Art Prize in the Junior Category, and Kirtika from class 10 received the Best Art Prize in the Senior Category.



Kundan International School organized a Show & Tell exercise for UKG students today. The main purpose of the activity was to assist children enhance their social, emotional, and linguistic abilities by teaching them how to use descriptive language and practice listening skills.



Singing is a fantastic approach to boosting your vocal abilities. Our students took part in Swar Udgam at Mount Carmel School in Chandigarh. They were presented with trophies and certificates of appreciation.



Recitation is one of the best ways to prolong information retention. Kundan International School aims at each student’s full development, including their linguistic, cognitive, and emotional growth. The students participated in the English Recitation Competition and energetically displayed their passion by improvising with props. Such competitions are a great way to boost confidence.



To encourage kids’ creativity and to get them to interact, perform and have fun with their friends while enjoying choco pies, Orion Chocopie organised a Colouring Competition at Kundan International School.

Our Heartiest congratulations to our winners on their achievements.

  • First position – Ahana Sharma, Class 6
  • Second position – Vedansh Singh, Class 5
  • Third position – Chirag Sanwal, Class 4



Kundan International School organised an IT Star Competition with the theme “Applications of AI” for students in grades VI, VII, and VIII in November 2022. In the semi-final round of this competition, students made a video under this theme. At the Final Round of the IT Star Competition, held on November 11th, 2022, the qualified semi-finalists gave a two-minute speech on the theme along with a video.


  • Mr. Akash Chaudhary of class VII stood first
  • the second position was bagged by Ms. Tanvi Bansal of class VI
  • Mr. Pratham Kumar of class VIII hold the third position.



Kundan International School organised the Kundan IT Master Competition for the students of classes IX, X, XI and XII in November, 2022. The theme of the competition was ‘Python Programming’. Students had to crack the output for the given codes. In the semi-final round, students cracked the output of the given codes. On November 11th, 2022, the final round was conducted in which the selected semi-finalists made a unique code for the given problem.

The Kundan IT Master Trophy was awarded to Ms. Tanu Chaudhary of class XII, the second position was bagged by Arushi of class IX and Mr. Harshvardhan of class XII hold the third position.



Competition brings out the best in children and pushes them to give their best. It allows students to discover their potential and explore their possibilities.

Kundan International School organised an Inter-Class Debate Competition for students of class VII. The topic of the debate was ‘Money doesn’t bring you Happiness’, as money cannot cure your suffering or fill your life with constant happiness. We can buy material things, but real happiness must be truly earned.



Cooking is an important life skill that should be taught to children from a young age. Keeping this in mind, Kundan International School organised a Cooking Without Fire Competition for its students to provide students with a platform to showcase their talent. Our students explored their culinary skills with great enthusiasm. Along with it students also took part in making the best out of newspapers. Students made bags, caps and various other things out of newspapers.

It was a wonderful experience for the children. Students demonstrated their skills and had a great time.



On the occasion of World Earth Day, for the students of 7th Grade, we organised a declamation competition based on the theme of environmental protection and preservation. This was an intra-class competition where grade 7th students from different sections participated with zeal & passion. Such competitions are a great way to develop:

– Communication skills
– The art of Public speaking
– Self-confidence
– Oration & showmanship



Independence Day serves as a reminder of our Indian heritage and pride. To commemorate this special occasion, our school hosted an intraclass quiz competition for Class X on the topic of Tiranga and Freedom Fighters (Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav). Everyone found this workshop to be informative and participated with great zeal.


Interclass competitions are a regular occurrence at Kundan International school. We always encourage our students to participate in such events to maintain a healthy spirit of competition among students and develop their academic and co-curricular skillsets. Inter-class competitions contribute to students’ growth in the following ways:

– Help students become competitive
– Increases students engagement
– Diversify the academic curriculum
– Infotainment & learning opportunities


To keep our student’s creative writing skills razor-sharp, we make sure there are timely extra-curricular activities to test their calibre. Events like creative writing competitions encourage students to engage in group activities and learn interactively. Participation in such events help students with:

– Creative writing skills
– A deeper understanding of literature
– Raising self-confidence
– Improved competitiveness


We always make sure our students remain one step ahead in their creative learnings. One way to do so is through creative writing competitions. One recent event was conducted on 23 April 2022. The theme of the match was based on ‘Earth day’. Students were given three topics to choose from:

01. Save Water, Save the Earth
02. My Mother Earth
03. Keep the Earth Clean & Green

Students wrote beautifully & took advantage of the opportunity to sharpen their creative skills and learn about earth & its preservation.


On Earth Day, Kundan International conducted a Poster making competition to test the creative might of our talented students. The intention was to sharpen their creative skills and make them realise the importance of the earth & its preservation. Such competitions can help students develop their:

– Artistic sense & calibre
– Participation spirit
– Creative confidence
– Ethics & moral values



Healthy food makes a healthy body.

Kundan International School organised a Salad Making Competition for the students of class I to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the children.
Children displayed their creativity by imaginatively designing and artistically presenting the salads.


Show and tell is an engaging activity which allows students to explore their descriptive and expressive abilities. The activity involves students describing their favourite piece of object/toy. Our students of Class 1st brought their favourite toys and described them beautifully. Show and tell is a great way to help develop:

– General observation and awareness
– Description and expression
– Speaking-confidence & fluency
– Healthy spirit of competition

Intra School Activities

September 2021

1.      Teacher’s Day Celebration- Class I to VI

Kundanites believe in honouring and respecting their beloved teachers. They deserve all the love and appreciation in the world. It is to celebrate this love , that our school celebrated teachers day with great warmth and vitality. Our tiny tots crafted beautiful handmade cards for their teachers. Activities such as poem recitation, singing and dancing were also organised for our learners. A virtual dance party was also organised for our lower primary learners to commemorate this day. All the teachers were overwhelmed by the appreciation and love showered upon them.

 1.     Debate Competition- Class V & VI

Students participated in a debate competition on the
topic ‘Hindi Language vs English Language’.
The advantages of both the languages were highlighted by the students.
They participated in the event with a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

Intra School Competition

September 2021

  1. Handwriting Competition- Class I to IV

The students participated in Handwriting competition with great enthusiasm. The winners were felicitated with certificates.
Winners: Class 1: Pihu Dheer, Chinmey Thakur
Class 2: Akshit, Roshni
Class 3: Rehmatjot Kaur
Class 4: Bilroj, Yashika

  1. Hasya Kavi Sammelan- Classes VII to X

Hasya Kavi Sammelan was organised for the students of class 7,9 & 10 for building their confidence and appreciating humour in their lives. The students found the activity very interested and participated actively in the same.


 First position :Bhavin (Class 7)

 Second Position: Kunnal (Class 9)

Third Position: Reva and Aman (Class 10)