Sports Club

Games and Sports are an integral part of student’s life. Sports club provides an opportunity for children to learn important social skills such as good citizenship and positive peer relationships which help them in school as well as their future careers. Sports build good habits, confidence and discipline and teaches them how to strive for a goal. The sports club is committed to provide a healthy sporting habit among the students. Sports clubs namely Football, Cricket, Skating, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Taekwando, gymnastics, Ball Badminton and Badminton are thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Playing sports help students relax more and worry less, deal with setbacks, work better with others and increase energy levels.

Hobby Clubs

All round development of a child is the key purpose of our school. The mind, body and the soul are in total synchronization and benefit the most while pursuing a hobby. Under hobby clubs, all the students are grouped as per the choice of their hobby and are trained by expert teachers of their respective club to give wings to their talent. The school offers a wide range of hobby clubs such as Personality Development, Culinary, Health and Wellness, Craft, Music, Bhangra, Western Dance, Classical Dance, Reader’s Club, IT Wizard, Theatre and The Electoral Legal Literacy club. The hobby clubs give the children an opportunity to discover their hidden talent, broaden their outlook and find a leisure time activity that they can enjoy throughout their lives.

Craft Club

Besides academics, our school pays equal attention to the co-curricular activities, which lead to the creation of the craft club. The craft club is an initiative taken to diversify the creative talents of our students. We conduct different types of SUPW, art & craft activities to allow the creative endeavours of our students to flourish in a fun way. These activities are supervised by under-seasoned teachers who handle the kids with care & professionalism. Crafting activities are a great way to channel students' creative energy while keeping the learning and educative aspect intact. Craft club is a micro-community of creative geniuses where students learn together in a collaborative environment.

IT Club

The Information Technology (IT) Club allows students to debate various; IT concerns outside of the classroom to better understand and respect technology. Students arrange various exciting activities, guest lectures, and special events throughout the year. Members of the IT Club try to educate the general public on the usage of technology in addition to their education. With the rise in technology, we aim to equip students with the right mindset to use technology to better the world and themselves. Our IT club also seeks to build a learning ground for our students, who'll probably become the future tech tycoons & bring innovation to the world.

Dance Club

Everyone can dance, and all you need is a willing heart. The dance club of Kundan international school is open for all students with happy feet, regardless of whether or not they know how to dance. Dance is a method to express one's emotions and sentiments & we formed the dance club just for the purpose. Students can show their grasp of emotions and rhythm by joining the club. It aids students in establishing a unique relationship with the art of dance, developing compassion for it & excelling in it! Being the best school in Chandigarh, we teach students core values of art & expression through our activities based curriculum, including multiple dance forms.

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club is a hands-on learning setting where students may hone their entrepreneurial abilities. Students in the club will take part in the creation of a business, at the very least by attending meetings and, in the best-case scenario, by learning how to launch a start-up. The club conducts engaging activities, and the teams are mentored by experienced teachers & mentors. The club is also a venue where students of our school may incubate a business concept, which creates learning opportunities for students as they assist in developing a business idea. Besides getting business knowledge, students also learn leadership, risk-taking, and objective & critical thinking.

Media & Literary Club

Media & literary club is a step toward creating better awareness of literature & communication. The club's primary goal is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to engage with information, media, and technology. The club develops each student's abilities and talents by focusing on their strengths while addressing their deficiencies, nurturing excellence, and motivating students to make a big difference in society both online and off, all while sticking to the school's vision and goal. Apart from media awareness, the literary club keeps the spark of literature & literary art alive by engaging our students in the world of literature & books.

Music Club

The music club at Kundan International School is for all the singing birds interested in music. We aim to nourish students by learning music and encouraging them to channel their expressive energy. Music club is a micro-community where students learn to play instruments, vocal modulation & control, musical compositions, musical notation, adopt and cultivate musical sense, and much more. Music is not only a way of expression but also a way of life! It's an artistic way to learn about different cultures, genres of music, and musical values. Give your child the opportunity to explore the hidden talent & become the next music prodigy.

ECO Club

The Eco Club is an initiative aimed at fostering environmental awareness and promoting sustainable practices among students. The club provides a platform for students to come together and work towards creating a greener and more sustainable future. The club organizes various activities such as tree plantation drives, waste management programs and awareness campaigns to educate students about environmental issues and encourage them to take action. The Eco Club is a great addition to the school's extra-curricular activities, providing students with a unique opportunity to contribute to the community and make a difference in the world. By promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability, the school is preparing its students to become responsible and conscientious citizens who are committed to creating a better future for generations to come.

Theatre Club

Theatre Club is aimed at providing a platform for students to explore their creative talents and develop their acting skills. The club is open to all students who have a passion for theatre and want to learn more about the art of acting. The club's activities include regular workshops, rehearsals and performances, providing students with an opportunity to showcase their talent and work collaboratively with their peers. The theatre club is a great addition to the school's extra-curricular activities, providing students with an opportunity to develop their confidence, creativity and communication skills. The school is committed to providing a well-rounded education to its students and the theatre club is just one of the many initiatives the school has taken to encourage students to pursue their interests and passions outside of the classroom.