Talk on Lifestyle Disorders and Help of Ayurveda

Kundan International School recently hosted a captivating talk on Lifestyle Disorders and the intervention of Ayurveda to combat them. We were privileged to have Dr Harish and Dr Sandeep from Shri Dhanvantry Ayurvedic College & Hospital as guest speakers. They engaged our students in insightful discussions, guiding them on making small lifestyle changes for a healthier future.

It was an enriching session where our students learned about the impact of modern-day habits on their overall well-being. Dr Harish and Dr Sandeep shed light on the potential of Ayurveda in preventing and managing lifestyle disorders. From dietary adjustments to stress-management techniques, the discussion empowered our students to take charge of their health. We are delighted to provide such interactive opportunities that help in shaping well-rounded individuals. Thank you to our esteemed guests for sharing their expertise and inspiring a healthier approach to life.

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