Summer Camp

 Summer Camp 2024-25 is here!
Get ready for an unforgettable day at Kundan International School’s Summer Camp 2024-25!

Activity Group 1 (Class IV-IX )

Introduction to The Art of Public Speaking 
Learn the art of public speaking and understand the significance of nonverbal communication skills like body language.

Ice-breaking game – Chinese Whisper 
Make new friends and connect with fellow campers through this fun communication game.

Art of Self Introduction 
Master the art of presenting yourself with confidence and personality. Complete the pre-knowledge task by preparing an introduction with an adjective starting with the first letter of your name.

Activity Group 2 (Class I-III) 

Ice-breaking Game
A fun game that will help you get to know your fellow campers.

Word Power – Scramble the Unscrambled Words 
Unscramble words are shown on the screen and improve your vocabulary and cognitive skills.

Chinese Whisper
Put your communication skills to the test.

Refreshment Break: Enjoy delicious snacks!

An Amazing opportunity to have fun, learn new skills, and create unforgettable memories this summer.