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Child Regression: How to Support Your Little Ones with Positive Parenting

Regression is common among growing children, especially in toddlers. Though it may vary, in general, parents notice regressive behaviors in their children in different stages of their development. For instance, an infant may be a bit clingier, needs to be fed more, or a toddler develops more temper tantrums, have difficulty sleeping, etc. The majority of parents consider it as a behavioral problem for their children, but experts suggest thinking of it as your children’s way of preparing themselves for taking more responsibility. Moreover, it is beneficial for the further development of your children.

But, hopefully, there are several ways you can help your little ones cope with the situation or stress that can trigger regression as suggested by Kundan International School, the best school in Chandigarh.

Tips to Support Your Child with Regression:

  • Name the Emotion: As a parent, first, you must be very patient and identify the emotion underpinning regression in your children. Try talking to your children about it and help them understand that you worry for them. This sense of connection fosters safety that will help your kids manage stress and fear. You can simplify the process by giving a name to such emotion in your kids.
  • Identify the Root: It is essential to identify the cause or the situation driving the regression in your children and see if there is something that you can do to support them. Suppose you find that the cause of your kids’ regression is starting school, now you can do plenty of things to help them overcome the fear.
  • Reassure Your Child: Let your children understand that they are safe and supported. Help them to find adaptive and age-appropriate ways to express their difficult feelings. So, it is recommended to spend some quality time with your children, playing with them, and talking to them as much as possible to make them understand that you are always here to support him or them.
  • Engage with Your Child: When you find that your child is regretting, it is necessary to engage with your child even more than you already are. You can do this by adding a few child-directed moments into your busy schedule and helping them understand how much you enjoy spending that time together.

Kundan International School, one of the Top CBSE International Schools in Chandigarh always tries to focus on the physical and emotional signals of their students to help them adjust during their transitional period.

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