TREX Exam Result

We are thrilled to announce that our talented students have made us proud again with their remarkable performance in the second round of the Trex Written Exam of Math and Science, held on December 3rd, 2023 at Punjab University.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge their extraordinary achievements:

Class- V

Himanshu (V-B) – Rank 21     Gratia (V-B) – Rank 39     Arav (V-B) – Rank 110     Aarav (V-A) – Rank 100

Class- VI

Nupur (VI-B) – Secured 2nd place in Trinity    Ankur (VI-A) – Rank 37     Riddhi (VI-B) – Rank 66

Class- VII

Praket (VII-A) – Rank 23      Tanvi Bansal (VII-B) – Rank 31

Class- VIII

Divyanshu (VIII-A) – Achieved an outstanding 7th rank out of 6000 candidates

Akash Chaudhary (VIII-A) – Rank 28       Divyam Saklani(VIII-B) – Rank 35

Our heartiest congratulations to all the students who have made Kundan International School proud with their exceptional performance and achievements. We applaud your remarkable success!