State-Level Karate Championship

Kundan International School is proud of its students as they participated in the State-Level Karate Championship held on 4th February 2024 and emerged victorious in three competitions. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Mr Shaurya from grade IX and Mr Arjun from grade IV, for their outstanding performance in the state-level karate championship.
Shaurya proved his mettle by participating in not just one, but two categories, namely Kata and Kumite (fight), his hard work and dedication paid off as he clinched the silver medal in both categories. But the Karate magic didn’t stop there Arjun, with his unbeatable spirit and determination, participated in the Kumite (fight) category and won the coveted Bronze medal!
This triumph is a celebration of their incredible talent and the excellent training they have received at Kundan International School. Let’s give a big round of applause to these champions, Shaurya and Arjun, for setting an exemplary example for their peers.